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TechForum's Security Forum is a twice-yearly, invitation-only conference for practicing end-user IT managers at mid-to large companies, and exhibiting vendors. Security Forum promotes dialogue between buyers and sellers of new and disruptive technologies around the key cybersecurity and risk management issues facing large enterprise organizations. We take a real-world approach to technologies which are fundamentally changing corporate IT. In our interactive panels and targeted presentations, IT managers who are implementing secure solutions in the enterprise engage with a select group of vendors in discussion. If you want first-rate social networking-along with a serious reality check of the promises and pitfalls of security in the cloud. you'll want to be a part of this must-attend event for security managers.


Attendance is restricted to end-user IT managers who work directly for mid-size to large enterprise organizations, and sponsoring vendors.


What You'll Hear at TechForum's Security Forum

Case studies from end-user IT managers: TechForum's Security Forum features practicing end-user IT managers as its panelists. You'll hear real-world examples and case studies from your peers who have actually implemented the technology they are speaking about. You'll hear about their successes and their failures. You'll gain insight into the implementation problems they encountered, and how they solved them. You'll even hear an argument or two!


Cutting edge topics: Topics for panels are proposed by and voted on by TechForum members. There are no product demonstrations. Conference speakers are asked to discuss their own experiences in developing competitive and secure infrastructures. Sponsors are encouraged to present case studies. We have no press attending our events.This is to ensure the most honest and effective dialogue possible among attendees and sponsors.


Who AttendsTechForum's Security Forum


Only pre-qualified, employed senior-level end-user IT managers at mid-to-large organizations attend Security Forum.

Two directors of TechForum personally vet each attendee for qualification to attend. Security Forum attracts 140-160 vetted registrants. Pre-registration is required in order to attend. Attendees must be employed, senior end-user IT managers at mid to large firms. Attendees hold senior titles of SVP, VP, CISO, CIO, CTO, CSO, Director, or Manager, at organizations with $50 million revenue or more. The majority of attendees are in the Fortune 1000

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