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TechForum's Security Forum:Trends in Enterprise Security
Thursday, September 28th, 2017  8AM-5PM
The Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St, NYC

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TechForum's Security Forum Agenda
TechForum's Security Forum: Trends in Enterprise Security is a one-day conference for top enterprise security and network infrastructure professionals who work for mid-range and Fortune1000 companies in the New York tristate region. The format we follow is part-presentation and part-panel discussion.


    AGENDA: September 28th, 2017

8:00–9:00AM Registration & Continental Breakfast & Exhibits


9:00—9:05AM Introductory Remarks: Priscilla Tate, Founder & Executive Director, Technology Managers Forum


9:05-9:35AM The Machine Fights Back: Leveraging AI for Self-Learning Cyber Security
-Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence and Analytics, Darktrace

With machines fighting machines and increasingly sophisticated human attackers, we are now entering a new era of cyber-threats. The battle is no longer at the perimeter but inside of our organizations, and no security team can keep up with its speed. Cyber-attackers are quickly becoming silent and stealthy, and cyber defense has turned into an arms race. This new wave of cyber-threats has seen skilled attackers that may lie low for weeks or months. By the time they take definitive steps, their actions blend in with the everyday hum of network activity. These attacks call for a change in the way we protect our most critical assets.Self-learning and self-defending systems are now being deployed to continually assess business environments. Known as ‘immune system’ defense, this approach is used to uncover threats that have already penetrated the network border, and then automatically fight back. Unlike legacy approaches, which rely on rules or signatures, these technologies work autonomously, enable the security team to focus on high-value tasks, and can counter even fast-moving, automated attackers.

9:35- 10:25AM  New Directions in Enterprise Security: What’s Hot and What’s Not in Security Operations and Incident Response

Under the pressure of unrelenting cyber-attacks, enterprise organizations are revising their security strategies almost on the fly. Several trends seem apparent: Endpoint security solutions need a more consolidated view and processes for responding to and remediating vulnerabilities need automating. As with all rapid technology deployment and a new focus on security operations and DevOps, job descriptions and governance decision making is disrupted. Join us for a bleeding-edge look at enterprise security strategies, new technologies that automate or incorporate machine learning, and how we build cybersecurity intelligence into business process.

Moderator: Priscilla Tate, Executive Director, Technology Managers Forum


-Tyrone Paige, General Manager- Infrastructure Architecture & IT Security, JetBlue Airways
-David M. Van Skiver, Director Information Risk Management & Security, Merck & Co., Inc.
-Chris Usserman, Principal Security & Threat Intelligence Advisor, Infoblox
-Kristin Lovejoy, CEO, BluVector, Inc.

-Chris Bates, Principal Architect, SentinelOne


10:25- 11:10AM Exhibits & Snack Break


11:10–11:40AM  GDPR Compliance and ITs Impact on Security and Data Protection Programs
-Ken Bell, Deputy CISO, Forcepoint

In 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require EU organizations to meet strict standards and processes to protect personal data. Non-compliance with the GDPR can cost you a fortune, but being in compliance can save you one. Recent estimates put business savings at about 2.3 billion euros annually.  Join Ken Bell as he discusses how to become GDPR compliant by implementing organizational and technical solutions. This presentation will explore GDPR security responsibilities and obligations, including:

 • Data subject consent•  Data discovery, cataloguing and classifying•Pseudonymization•  Data breach identification and notification• Cloud storage and sharing services


11:40AM-12:10PM Exhibits & Snack Break


12:10-12:40PM How to Operationalize Big Data Security Analytics
-Jay Lillie, Director, Field Operations, Interset
Big-data security analytics is radically transforming data protection. It automates the threat-detection process, removes alert fatigue from security operations, and offers visibility into unseen and unknown threats. Yet to implement it, security teams must assess use-case coverage, data-source requirements, security-operations process changes, and incident-response optimization. He will delve into examples of how companies have successfully deployed security analytics. He will also address how to choose the correct technology, fit it into existing security operations, and define successful metrics to measure results​.


12:40–1:40PM Luncheon and Exhibits: Lunch includes: Wraps: Roasted vegetable, mozzarella & pesto wrap; Grilled herbed chicken breast w/ tomato saffron mayo wrap; Roasted turkey, provolone, & red pepper aioli wrap Salads: Mediterranean orzo; Farro, quinoa, barley & wheatberry salad w/cranberries & pecans. Grilled & seasoned roasted vegetables & fresh fruit.  

1:40- 2:30PM
 After the Breach: Mainstreaming Threat Intel, Secure Development and Common Sense into Enterprise DNA
We have heard a lot about leveraging cloud computing technologies and creating business value with new apps. We have been dazzled by the promises of machine learning and automation that will make our security failsafe. In this panel, we get down to brass tacks. What have we learned about managing enterprise security at the speed of business? How do we mainstream security intelligence to improve business process? How do we give our SecOps and DevOps teams the tools they need to be successful?  In this panel, we bring together application architects, cybersecurity assessment professionals and security analytics experts in a cross disciplinary setting to explore best practices for improving business resilience.

Moderator: Priscilla Tate, Executive Director, Technology Managers Forum


-Peter Tsai, Vice President of Cybersecurity Assessment, BNY Mellon 

-Andy Feusse, Information Security Officer, Ethicon, Inc
-Sean Poris, Global Head of Product Security, Oath

-Michael Callahan, CEO, Awake Security

2:30-3:00PM Exhibits and Dessert Break


3:00-3:30PM- Security and Compliance Simplification Using Intel, HyTrust, and IBM Cloud
Gary Lepselter, Global Director Business Development, HyTrust with Gene Quaglia, Global Account Director, Intel Corporation

Compliance standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA and now GDPR no longer have to cause headaches for organizations looking to take advantage of the agility and scalability of public cloud. By addressing complex operational and compliance requirements and data protection needs, right alongside a public cloud deployment, executives can ensure they’re reducing the risk of a failed audit or costly data breach. IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization, powered by HyTrust and Intel, leverages 8+ years of joint research & development work to bring a best-in-class secure cloud offering to the market. Move production-level virtualized workloads to the IBM Cloud with even more security than is typically available in standard on-premises virtualized environments. This breakthrough offering, announced just in March of this year, is already being used by large organizations in highly-sensitive industries like financial services and healthcare.


3:30-3:50PM Exhibits and Dessert Break


3:50-4:40PM Cybersecurity Metrics and Business Risk: How Not to Get Lost in Translation

How do we know that we are secure and responsibly covered against data loss, the risk of financial loss and attacks that would disrupt out business operations? We can’t hide behind the fact that nothing is ever secure and we have to do more than promise. We need to measure and improve our security preparedness and we need to justify our security expenditures in non-technical language--according the business objectives of our organizations. In this panel, security risk managers, business risk managers and fraud experts will discuss how they are developing a new language of security metrics and meeting the expectations of their business users.

Moderator: Linda Angles, Sr. Director, Business Information Security Officer, FXall, a Thomson Reuters Company


-Jeffrey Brown, CSIRO, BNY Mellon.
-Nashira Layade, SVP, CISO, Realogy Holdings Corp.

-Naresh Podila, Director of Information Security, Pall Corporation

4:40-5:00PM  Exhibits, Drawings for Door Prizes


TechForum's Security Forum Sponsorship Information


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TechForum's Security Forum Attendee Profile & How to Apply to Attend


Security Forum is an invitation-only event for end user IT managers at non-IT vendor firms only. IT vendor firms must sponsor our events in order to attend. This vendor category includes consulting firms, IT service providers, integrators, managed services, etc.


If you are an end-user IT manager at a mid-to- large size firm you may apply to attend here.


Attendance is offered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must be currently employed, end-user IT managers who hold senior titles of SVP, VP, CISO, CIO, CTO, CSO, director, or manager, at organizations with $50 million revenue or more. Technology providers, consultants and other companies who sell their IT-related products and services, including IT managed services, must sponsor in order to attend. The majority of attendees are in the Fortune 1000. Attendees must be pre-qualified in order to attend. All attendees must be pre-registered and receive a confirmation from TechForum.  No walk-ins are accepted.


TechForum's Security Forum Venue & Directions


TechForum's Security Forum is held at The Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St. NYC, which is between 6th and 7th Avenues and close to all major subway lines and PATH trains. Directions can be found here.





















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